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Trial and Eggache




福音战士新剧场版 背景音乐合唱歌词  

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Fight or die with truth and honour

This is the final showdown
This is the last horizon
No second chance for losing
There will be no tomorrow

Tear the heart from your aggressor

This is the final showdown
With no more road to go down
Prevail or pay the devil
This is the end forever

Angel of Doom

The beginning of the end, dark as clouds of scorn
Pouring out like prophets of doom they do forewarn
The beginning of the end, dark as clouds of scorn

Angels of Doom come calling, with no mercy
No fear, no heart, no judgement, no clemency

Angels of Doom, like evil messengers deliver misery

At The Very Beginning

At the very beginning, we were created, to live together but soon, we hated
in greed and selfishness we, could never prosper, created enemies gods will.


I stand and I wait, for me destiny is here, and I know it must be
I have to await, my fate is as pure as snow and as sure as can be


What will the future hold
How will I be rewarded
Have I the right to riches
In a world where there are no prizes

Who makes the clock tick by
When will my fate be ready
Do I get prior warning
Am I told? Are there no surprises

I have to count my blessings
I have to learn my lessons
My fate is in the balance
I must go on believing

In My Spirit

In my spirit lies my faith
Stronger than love and with me it will be for always

In my spirit lies my faith
Stronger the love and with my it will be for always

In my spirit lies my faith
Stronger the love and with my it will be for always

Keep Your Head Above The Mayhem

In the battle of the bravest souls, over evil shall the good prevail,
If the universe is crashing down, heed the chaos and then drown it out,
Showing flashes of bravado, in a torrent of destruction, keep your head
above the mayhem; clarity will be your weapon as the blinded falter and die.

The Final Decision We All Must Take

In the end the final decision we all must take, make or break,
will decide what will be and our destiny.

If we lose the fight armageddon will finally tell, burn in hell there will be no after, be no other day.


And so the carnage has begun
no hiding place for anyone
no quarter given or none taken in the bloodiest of all battles

the war to end all wars is here
the air is filled with heavy fear
Humanity is disappearing suffering as millions see slaughter

If there's no ending to this fight
eternal darkness is our plight
the darkest hour is upon us dying on the edge of destruction
multitudes will fall in the end its all universal tragedy befalling the end of mankind

Gods cannot help us then no one can save us if no one can save us then we
will be gone for all time
the - end - is - here - the - end - is - here - the - end - is - NOWWWWWWW

Gods Message
Lyrics by Mike Wyzgowski

Teachings of ancient prophets
Teachings of ancient prophets
Scriptures of god's own message
Delivering gods message
moral codes by which we have chosen to heed
Biblical instruction which will govern our existence

Serenity Amongst the Turmoil
Lyrics by Mike Wyzgowski

Before turmoil comes serenity reflected in your soul to see you through adversity
War is hell but it must be,
Dwell not negative signs, focus your mind to be your guide elernally

The Ultimate Soldier
Lyrics by Mike Wyzgowski

A fist of fury, a deadly weapon, rapier of havoc,
raised up in anger, born to do battle, without compassion,
more than a soldier, more than a killer,

and in his trail is mayhem, destruction always followed, by stricken enemies of,
the soldier of no sorrow the band of menace beckons, in numbers his protection
The leaders of the raiders, the brothership forever

Dark Defender
Lyrics by Mike Wyzgowski

Dark Defender

engines on...feel the noise
feel the heat...power surge
in the air...soaring in
to the skies...sentinel

nothing compares
power with grace and beauty
on high

up in the clouds
hear the majestic thunder
rain down

watcher of all
sheltering from all danger we perceive
there could be
metal machine
guardian of our right to harmony
that we seek.

The Anthem
Lyrics by Mike Wyzgowski

over this land we will fight for our liberty
Armed with the greatest of men and machinery
This is the fight for our truth and our destiny

as one
into the skies, under the sea, over the land, we will remain free.

To the fight we will take
stealth in the air, jet fighters flare
take them apart, all out attack,
strenth on the ground, tanks will abound
nowhere to run from our guns
cunning at sea, in submarines
silently run then we strike
we will be mastered by no one
we fly the flag of the triumphants


Out of the Dark
Lyrics by Mike Wyzgowski

Out of the dark when the world was nothing
from emptiness he began creation
on the first day where no light had shone
and so lit the sky for the first time ever

after light the heavens opened for us all to have a place where our spirits go
let there be a great expanse of air dividing water from above and below
this was his heaven
the seas did gather
dry land did follow
light in the heavens
the sun and moon and
all living creatures
were then created
to be forever

Lyrics by Mike Wyzgowski

Learn to trust, if you must, learn to love then learn to trust
turn your back, close your eyes, open minds will learn to turst

and be trusted so the guardian of all that is secure and precious is you

Return to Ash
Lyrics by Mike Wyzgowski

Time stands still as battle worn
beneath your feet the blood runs cold
no one moves
death, wasteland, razed to the ground, gone, perished what life there was
and ghostly in the darkness, there cast a shadow, mirroring madness
echoes the work of the devil
the death and destruction
the symbol of Hades
the heat and the hatred
the breakdown of life
leaves us sorrow and strife
and we all will return to the ash

It will mean Victory
Lyrics by Mike Wyzgowski

Stand up for the fight, time to be counted
New warriors come deadly invasion
scum from hell fire

thousands are the beast in number
right to the end we will battle our demons
we'll kill every one as we fight for our freedom

so let nothing put asunder
dissipate all that has come to demolish (us)
punish the enemy once and for all (and then)

only the banishment of our aggressors will finally mean Victory.

Lyrics by Mike Wyzgowski

With vengeance retribution will be sought with time
the sacrifice the crime

Apostles feed upon the flesh and in return the poor soul reaches out
wrest crippled mental torture the chance to be immortal

Once friends betrayed so ruthless, now dead his friend and friendship
Once friends betrayed so heartless, memories crushed to ashes

Scarred and Battled
Lyrics by Mike Wyzgowski

Wade through the blood and the stench
of your victims your clenched fist of glory
holds lifeless non beating hearts
when dust has settled your soul
scarred and battled will tell of a story
where courage makes one a man

Built on lies
Left to die in a fit of mutilation
Nations doomed
Empires screwed
hatred spewed
All has gone in a blink of devastation

From Beethoven 9
Ludwig van Beethoven


Freude, schoener Goetterfunken,[1]
Tochter aus Elysium,
Wir betreten feuertrunken.
Himmlische, dein Heiligtum!

Deine Zauber binden wieder,
was die Mode streng geteilt;
alle Menschen werden Brüder,
wo dein sanfter Flügel weilt.

Deine Zauber binden wieder,
was die Mode streng geteilt;
alle Menschen werden Brüder,
Wo dein sanfter Flügel weilt.

Wem der grosse Wurf gelungen,[2]
eines Freundes Freund zu sein,
wer ein holdes Weib errungen,
mische seinen Jubel ein!

Ja, wer auch nur eine Seele
sein nennt auf dem Erdenrund!
Und wer's nie gekonnt, der
Stehle weinend sich aus diesem Bund!

Ja, wer auch nur eine Seele
sein nennt auf dem Erdenrund!
Und wer's nie gekonnt, der stehle
Weinend sich aus diesem Bund!

Freude trinken alle Wesen
an den Brüsten der Natur;
alle Guten, alle Boesen[1]
folgen ihrer Rosenspur.

Küsse gab sie uns und Reben,
einen Freund, gepruft im Tod;
Wollust ward dem Wurm gegeben,
und der Cherub steht vor Gott!

Küsse gab sie uns und Reben,
einen Freund, gepruft im Tod;
Wollust ward dem Wurm gegeben,
und der Cherub steht vor Gott,
und der Cherub steht vor Gott,

steht vor Gott,
vor Gott,
vor Gott.

[1]由于字符集不足,此处以“oe”代替“变音的字母o”(o上带两点,Unicode: U+00F6)
[2]由于字符集不足,此处以“ss”代替“清s”(Unicode: U+00DF)

The Wrath of God in All its Fury
Lyrics by Mike Wyzgowski

So the wrath of god in all its fury has been unlocked to welcome the death of evil
and all it portrays in the eyes of the good and the just
it shall be known that when the threat to mankind has been laid down to the lord
a sceptre of fire shall be driven through all its perpetrators

Gods Gift
Lyrics by Mike Wyzgowski

from the black of space i will create
earth and in my image incarnate
heaven is to be a place of rest
earth is where the people i will test

six days have passed
on the seventh I will render myself to a day of rest and to contemplate what is to be
Mankind begins its fateful journey faced by trials and tribulations, war and peace.
Of my presence to this end my work is done

this world i give, for you to live
blessed are the ones that can live in peace


Kindred Spirits
Lyrics by Mike Wyzgowski

When knowing is enough
that feeling is of trust
through unity of mind and spirit
we can find a higher place
that will transcend mere mortal friends
and be the strength that binds us

and to a place divine
through kindred spirits find
of sheer contentment inner sanctum
through which to convey your peace a
soul that searches through endeavour
will find restful gaze upon it.

and in this peace we find as one
we vanquish thoughts of solitude

In this state we stay together

Long Slow Pain
Lyrics by Mike Wyzgowski

Slow is the death of the weak and the tortured souls
dragged through the pain til their own nightmare is mortal

Peaceful Times
Lyrics by Mike Wyzgowski

This time is like no other for us in living memory
(long may it last)
Breathe the air, take in the feeling of peace & harmony
freedom can fly close to the sky,
Now we can shine, Peace in time, we've never had it so good

Through sacrifice childern can play in a world without a care
(now that we know)
all is safe, learn from the past and through knowledge we can share
all of the good, all of the time,
spirit is high, Peace in time, we've never had it so goodd it so good
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